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Service Catalog Timezone Support

May 26 2023

The latest release of the Service Catalog includes timezone support, improved health check result visibility and JSON5 compatibility.

Writing catalog.json files in the repositories just got easier, because using JSON5 allows comments, trailing commas and other things that make JSON annoying to write sometimes. Timezone support allows users to see date stamps relative to the current time, in UTC and their chosen timezone. Making life that bit easier in incidents.

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Service Catalog First Release

May 17 2023

We are pleased to announce the first open source release of the Service Catalog.

As organisations grow in complexity, it can be increasingly hard to understand what's happening in the organisation and who is doing what. The service catalog is an open source tool to allow you to get insight on your services, how they interconnect, their health and reduce your downtime.

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Actions Analyzer Preview Release

Feb 17 2023

We are excited to announce the initial preview release of GitHub Actions Analyser. Ever wondered where the money you spend on Actions is going? Or which part of your organisation is costing the most?

This is a tool to parse the Actions billing CSV files that GitHub outputs and provides you details on spend across repositories, workflows. Features include: ability to compare month to month spend and spot workflows that have high variability.

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